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Newest Classifieds in All categories (last 2 weeks)
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Binding Love spell @ 27783223616 Best Herbalist Dr Binding Love spell @ 27783223616 Best Herbalist Dr Binding Love spells; Save Marriage Break-Ups @ 27783223616 @No.1 Love spells Caster Protect Your Relationship To get rid of any hexes, Bad luck, or curses that may interfere with your love life. Many times a person will not realize why he or she has such bad luck with love. Chances are someone or some entity has placed a Hex on you. There are evil spirits and entities out there that do this to innocent people. Rid yourself of any blockage and finally have the love life you deserve. Marriage African culture considers marriage to be a sacred institution. Our Ancestors and spirits either strengthen your existing marriage or lead you to someone more sincere and serious. The ultimate purpose is to foster a love that will fulfill your dreams and remain present everyday of your life. Binding A Relationship Our Ancestors and your forefathers can help to bind two people in a loving and sincere relationship. We will do instant rituals. contact the effective Ancestral healer Jajazedde at 27783223616 Email: prof.jajazedde@gmail.com Visit: http://www.jajazedde.webs.com Watch; http://youtube.com/watch?v=UoYjzHSqumQ Johannesburg $ 250.00 USD
Bring back lost lovers (( 27783223616)JajaZedde Bring back lost lovers (( 27783223616)JajaZedde Strong love spells. Call Jajazedde at 27783223616 Bringing back your lover – Even if far or gone for a long time If you want a spell that is solely about getting your lover back in your arms, This spell has significant energy just to do that for your love life. This spell has the ability to influence your lover to come home no matter what forces are keeping them away Bring Back Love Technique It uses the basics of-traditional witch craft to hold its own powerful force field around you that draws back your love. Quick Facts . This spell will be completely customized to your situation. . My spells are completely safe and will not back fire or cause any harm. . This spell is a 100% Guarantee for your situation. . I believe in providing a very personalize service and I offer full customer support. . All information will remain confidential. . Best satisfaction policy and highest success rate. . This spell is permanent and will not fade overtime. Love Spells caster Professor Jajazedde @ 27783223616 with lost love spells, Marriage spells Native healing, Spiritual healer, Magic love spells, lost Love Spells, Relationship healer, Traditional healer, Astrology, Magic rings. Contact 27783223616 Email: prof.jajazedde@gmail.com Visit: http://www.jajazedde.webs.com http://youtube.com/watch?v=cWvCoKvc40s Johannesburg $ 250.00 USD
Johannesburg Lost -love-spells caster  27783223616 Johannesburg Lost -love-spells caster 27783223616 Long-distance -love-spells- Marriage and Relationship spells- { 27783223616} -Solve Wife-husband Problems Want to know about you love situation?, to bring back your man?, want to see who cheats on your husband/wife?, to restore original love in your relationship?, Want to bind you with your partner?, want to divorce?, break-up a relationship?, and all marriage and relationship matter plus life issues like removing bad luck, boosting your business?, checking your future, and many more visit Prof. Jajazedde's incredible temple and leave when all your problems solved!!!!!!!! Contact 27783223616 Email: prof.jajazedde@gmail.com Visit: http://www.jajazedde.webs.com http://www.lostlovespellscaster.simplesite.com http://youtube.com/watch?v=AS2pbvNrfmA Johannesburg -
Rusty Wallace Jacket Rusty Wallace Jacket Rusty Wallace black leather jacket from the race at Rockingham NC. It is like new only worn 2 times and is the official brand of Nascar. Also included is the program from the race with Rusty's autograph. It has been kept sealed and looks brand new. Ashford $ 100.00 USD
Yard Tractor Yard Tractor 18 hp Briggs runs good...no cutting deck Ozark $ 90.00 USD
Puppy Puppy I am looking for a Large Over Standard Pomeranian Dog...to look like the attached photo..at least 12 lbs at one year old... Ozark -
Looking to Adapt Looking to Adapt I am looking for an Oversized Pomeranian puppy to look like the attached photo...to adapt - must be around 12 lbs at one year old... Ozark -
Harley Collectibles Harley Collectibles Harley replicas for sale I have 2 sets of 3 1/64 size. They have never been opened still sealed. Certificate from Harley included. $10.00 per set. Ashford $ 10.00 USD
Pier 1 Laterns Pier 1 Laterns Large bronze finish lanterns set of 2 from Pier 1 never been used. Excellent condition. Ashford $ 20.00 USD
Couch and 3 tables Couch and 3 tables Very large and comfy couch shabby chic included are 2 end tables and coffee table with a white wash finish. Ashford $ 125.00 USD
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